Gratitude through obstacles with Ironwoman Jenny Richardson

The On Adventure Podcast is about the Everyday Explorer and how she plans and pursues adventure in her life.  The pursuit is never easy, but the valuable lessons from the journey are always priceless.  And you don’t get them without the suffering.  So how do we push through our perceived limits to get to the treasure?  Well, mindset plays a key role.

The conversation today with Jenny Richardson is full of lessons from the suffering.  Jenny is a mom to kids, a wife, a pastor, a friend to anyone who is in need…and oh yeah, she is an Ironwoman with multiple full distance Ironman triathlons under her belt.  You will learn how she trains to get through the first half of the race, and then prays her way through the second half.  You will also hear how she is relentless in breaking through the hurdles in her way, no matter if it is illness, time limitations or even being hit by a drunk driver.

So without further ado, enjoy the conversation with Jenny Richardson.

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Using awe and respect to enjoy the journey to adventure with Steve Sanduski

What do you do when reach to edge of your mental capacity?  According to Steve Sanduski, you take one more step.  And then you take one more step after that.  Eventually, your body proves to your brain that there is more left in the tank in pursuit of the summit (literal or methaphorical).

Steve has been a very important mentor for me so I really hung on every word to hear what he learned from his experiences.  Steve is an accomplished author, podcaster, entreprenuer and outdoorsman.  He has accomplished much because of his ability to dream, plan, focus and execute on the things that are most important to him.  You will learn at ton from listening to this conversation for your own journey, so pay attention.

You can connect with Steve on his website or find his Twitter handle @SteveSanduski.

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Building a life of adventure by saying Yes with JW Eades

The Everyday Explorer comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and background.  JW Eades is one of those characters. Who would have thought that a boy from rural North Carolina would end up hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or become an expert skiier traversing some of the most extreme slopes in the United States?  JW certainly did not.  So how does a country boy turn himself in to an international man of mystery?  By paying attention and saying an immediate Yes without fear to adventures as they presented themselves throughout his life.

At 80 years old, JW can now look back and philosophize on how and why he built these exploits in to his life experience.  This conversation barely touches the tip of the iceberg with all of the things he has accomplished, but I especially loved his take aways about what he learned by touching different parts of the globe.  Sit back and enjoy a conversation with The Most Interesting Man in the World.

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