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Financial life planning for the explorer living out their bucket list.

Planning your wealth on purpose so that you can pursue your great adventure now.

Where is your financial finish line and how will you know when you have crossed it?

Sound financial plans coordinate across all points of one’s life. They are as efficient as possible and minimize economic impacts like taxes.

Process Driven Financial Planning

We learn your deepest values and heartfelt goals and plan accordingly. Our process uncovers where your personal and financial lives intersect. You want a life of significance, we guide you there with our Financial Life Planning process.

Goals Based Strategies

Would you ever start a trip without a route or destination? Would you venture into the wilderness without a compass or a guide?
Success starts first with knowing where you’re going, your goal. It requires a means to get there, and the tools to do so efficiently, like a compass and a map. Even with the tools, an experienced guide is key to understanding the landscape and avoiding potential perils or pitfalls.

From Success to Significance

Purpose and financial freedom start with planning. We plan for your success, moving your financial life from success to true significance, so you can invest in what matters most to you.

Your Personal Money Trail Guide

We are your guide, your thinking partner for your life’s biggest decisions, leading, advising and encouraging on the best courses of action, even during the most difficult times. Our goal is to help you optimize your money decisions, especially when it’s most difficult to do and always with your unique values in mind.

Technology to Guide Performance and Perspective

A portfolio analysis allows us a glimpse in the rearview mirror. We see where we came from and what of value we need to learn from the journey. The financial plan gives us our glimpse through the windshield, to ensure that our trajectory is always aimed at our financial goals. The combination of both backward and forward looking technologies gives our clients comfort in knowing that they are managing aspects of their financial journeys that remain in their control. We leverage automations and artificial intelligence to consistently communicate and follow through on tasks necessary to your financial success. These are just a few of the leading-edge technologies and strategies we employ to handle complex financial concerns.

At Ridgeline Wealth, our services center around a set of core financial planning values:


Financial planning, at its heart, is about stewardship, the supervision and care of your resources.


Your values should inform your financial decisions.


We all should pursue significance and purpose as much as, if not more than, success.


A deep integration of annual finance and tax planning ensures efficient and effective financial plans.


Financial planning is a goals-based activity. We help you accomplish your life goals rather than simply achieve certain investment results.


A total-return approach should be indifferent to whether cash flow comes from capital appreciation, dividends, income or other sources.


Planning exercises should be realistic. Future returns from capital markets may be modest by historical standards.

About Us

We are your guides on your financial journey. Like any good trail guide, we spend time getting to know the person we are leading down the path of success, so we can direct you, specifically, on the appropriate equipment for your journey and advise on the challenges which might prove perilous. It is our connection which shapes this guidance so that no matter the trail, we all arrive, safely, at our final destination.
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