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Financial Life Planning for life’s most important moments

Our financial planning process will provide you with custom advice and a financial plan that is rooted firmly in your values and your goals.

Why Work with Ridgeline

What we do isn’t rocket science. Most anyone can handle their own financial planning. This goes for many Ridgeline clients, considering that they are some of the most intelligent people we have ever met. But, we don’t work with the do-it-yourself-ers. So, what’s the difference? We know our accomplished, intelligent and capable clients have more important things that they would rather focus on. We know they don’t want to worry about the most efficient way to allocate their investment portfolio or when the time is right to harvest capital losses for tax savings or which insurance policy might be the best use of their money.

We know that the challenge for all of us is our limited supply of the world’s most precious resource – time. And our resources and expertise give you the time you need to focus on what you value.

What is it like to work with us?

Meet Matt & Jennifer

Matt and Jennifer love the outdoors, family and friends, but both have different approaches and values. Matt has a competitive edge and engages in outdoor adventures and marathons. Jennifer is more introspective, creative and deeply engaged in friendships. While they share a life and a mutual love and respect, their personal lives often take them on different paths and different adventures. With their children making their own lives, Matt and Jennifer are approaching another phase of their life journey. They know their activities may need to change but their values of adventure and self-improvement will remain. They have no interest in worrying themselves about matters they can’t control or that have a minimal impact on their long term goals and success (think, stock market volatility or changes to the tax code). It’s been our pleasure to shoulder some of that burden for them, to help ensure that their financial plan stays on track, allowing them to pursue activities that don’t just help them feel alive, but to feel like they are truly thriving!

Meet Sally

Sally found herself suddenly widowed at the age of 50. After meeting with our adviser the first time, Sally felt comforted and relieved. Relieved she’d found someone she could trust implicitly to help with the financial and life decisions she’d not had to make on her own before. And comforted in the knowledge that her financial advisor was compassionate and working in her best interest. Over the next decade we helped Sally do much more than manage her money. We helped her buy a car for the first time, put her kids through college, decide whether to pay off her mortgage and gave her “permission” to enjoy a long desired trip to Europe. Yes, we did help with the typical financial advisement, like investment management, tax planning and general goal setting, but the true value for Sally was in the partnership, the guidance, support and company on her financial journey.

Your Ridgeline Wealth Advisor Provides

Integrated Tax & Financial Planning
Investment Analysis
Goals-Based Planning
Risk Management and Insurance Audits
Cash Flow Planning

At Ridgeline Wealth, our services center around a set of core financial planning values:


Portfolios should be regularly maintained for tax efficiency and optimal asset location.


Cost is a large determining factor of future expected performance – we try to minimize investment cost as much as possible.

Unlikely Predictions

There is no benefit to market timing.


We maintain an agnostic position in the active-passive debate and a strategic willingness to use either approach for asset classes or subclasses.


We recommend factor-based investing, based on the research of Fama and French, including overweighting portfolios toward value securities.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation, not investment selection, is the single most important determinant of investment performance and overall volatility.

Investment Policy

A written investment policy statement should be used for all investors.

The Ridgeline Wealth Team

Small but mighty… might accurately describe our firm. We intentionally keep our team small so you can quickly and easily reach someone that can help you. We are a group that loves to laugh but we also work hard to make sure you feel at ease and confident in having a team of seasoned professionals at their side who work with people just like you. We are able to strategically outsource or automate many basic functions of our work, but you’ll never see us outsource our relationship with you. Human connections are what matters most to us – it is in the very DNA of the work we do for you.

Josh Self, CLU, ChFC, CFP®

Managing Partner

Michael F. Perkins, PFS/CPA

Senior Wealth Planner

Sandra Coghlan

Operations Manager

Michael Zeblo, CPA, CFP®

Associate Advisor

We provide guidance, discernment, and ultimately time, for you to focus on your life without financial strain.

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