The On Adventure Podcast is about the Everyday Explorer and how she plans and pursues adventure in her life.  The pursuit is never easy, but the valuable lessons from the journey are always priceless.  And you don’t get them without the suffering.  So how do we push through our perceived limits to get to the treasure?  Well, mindset plays a key role.

The conversation today with Jenny Richardson is full of lessons from the suffering.  Jenny is a mom to kids, a wife, a pastor, a friend to anyone who is in need…and oh yeah, she is an Ironwoman with multiple full distance Ironman triathlons under her belt.  You will learn how she trains to get through the first half of the race, and then prays her way through the second half.  You will also hear how she is relentless in breaking through the hurdles in her way, no matter if it is illness, time limitations or even being hit by a drunk driver.

So without further ado, enjoy the conversation with Jenny Richardson.

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