I love all of these conversations, but I am particularly fond of this one because I have known Rachel for many years. I have watched her grow and mature in to the Everyday Explorer she has become, which has been fun.  Rachel is an old soul.  She has insight in to people, places and experiences that are unusual for someone her age.  Some of this comes natural, some of it is from being with people on their worst days as a trauma nurse in a variety of different emergency rooms around the country.  You don’t experience those kinds of things and come away the same. 

The conversation isn’t all dark and gloomy though.  This is the dark backdrop that highlights the brilliant light that she has experience in people she has met around the globe.  Her stories of teaching English in Spain and traveling Eastern Europe on her own (ON HER OWN!) are beautiful and inspiring to believe in the goodness of others.

I am sure you will enjoy my conversation with Rachel Coghlan, and be inspired in your own great adventure!

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